A Superhuman Tabletop RPG Campaign

It’s the year 2112.

Ninety-three years ago, a gigantic pillar of green luminescent crystal emerged from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. In the space of a day, this pillar rose to its current height of 13 kilometers above sea level—scraping the bottom of the stratosphere. The seismic cataclysm that accompanied its emergence caused incalculable destruction. The civilizations that once occupied the eastern coasts of the Americas and the western coasts of Asia and Africa are now no more.

Since the moment the pillar reached its zenith, every human child born has exhibited heightened abilities—powers that were once considered superhuman. Three generations have passed since the cataclysm, and every human being alive today exhibits one of three mutually exclusive powers: extreme strength, heightened senses, or flight. Of these three, flight is by far the rarest. But sometimes, with odds of one in a billion, a child is born with an additional power, something truly unique and often world-changing.


I have room in this campaign for a maximum of four players (minimum of three). It will span several weeks, and each game session will take between 2 and 4 hours. We would aim to have at least two sessions each month, depending on players’ availabilities. I estimate it will take between 8 and 10 sessions to complete the campaign. We will use the game rules set forth in Mutants & Masterminds Deluxe Hero Handbook, 3rd Edition.

Character Creation

Your character will have two powers—a base power, and a unique power.

Base Power

To determine your base power, roll a twenty-sided die. If the result is between 1 and 10, inclusive, then your character has super strength. If the result is between 11 and 17, inclusive, then your character is a sensor. If the result is between 18 and 20, inclusive, then your character has the flight power.

Unique Powers

Each player will roll a twenty-sided die, and then take turns selecting one of the unique powers available below. The player who rolled the lowest number chooses first, and the player who rolled the highest number chooses last. Each unique power can only be selected once. The unique powers that are not selected by the players will be granted to an enemy character controlled by the Game Master.


You generate heat through your hands. At first rank, you can maintain a temperature of 600ºC. This increases by an additional 600ºC for each subsequent rank, up to a maximum of 12,000ºC at rank 20. You are not able to control your radiant heat, so be mindful of what’s around you. Additionally, heat does not harm you, no matter the source. If someone were to pour molten metal on top of you, you would be likely to die of suffocation, but not of burns.

Fast Biology

Everything about you is faster than normal. You move and think twice as quickly, and you break down ethanol almost as fast as you can drink it. You can perform two full actions in each round of combat. You can re-roll most mental analysis and investigation checks once. Combined with super strength, this unique power can make you a formidable martial artist. As a sensor, you would make a fearsome marksman. Your rank in this power affects how long you can survive without eating. At first rank, you must eat a full meal every waking hour, or you will starve.


You are always invisible and perfectly transparent. While completely naked, no one can see you. However, you cannot turn this power off; nor can you turn any objects, clothes, or equipment invisible. Higher ranks broaden the light spectrum in which you remain indetectible.


Think with portals. You can create a mystic gate. One end of that gate must exist within a fifty-foot radius of you, while the other end can be a greater distance away depending on your rank in this power. The gate is circular. Objects entering one end immediately pass through the other. An object caught in a closing gate is ejected, forcibly but intact, toward the side that holds the majority of its mass. The first rank allows you to create a three-foot-wide gate with the far end up to one mile away. Subsequent ranks increase the size and distance. There is a brief delay associated with opening and closing the gate, making it unwieldy to use during combat. The gate creates a great deal of noise and light, making it impossible to deploy stealthily.


You have three organs in your body that can create organic material in arbitrary ways. The largest such organ is in your abdomen and has an orifice where your solar plexus would normally be. Two smaller organs are found in your forearms, each with an orifice located in the center of the adjoining palm. You can use these organs to create anything from vile toxins to living eggs. You are limited only by your imagination and your knowledge of biology. Your rank in this power limits the complexity of your creations.

Ghost Hand

You can summon a ghostly hand that matches the movements of your dominant hand. You experience sensations through this ghost hand as you would with your real hand, and any damage suffered by the ghost hand is reflected in your dominant hand. Although the movement of the digits and palm of the ghost hand have to match those of your dominant hand, the spatial position of the ghost hand is arbitrary. Therefore, once you’ve grappled someone with it, you can lift them into the air and drop them, provided you are strong enough. Higher ranks of this power improve range and duration.


You’re Deadpool without the crazy. Higher ranks of this power increase the speed of healing and the complexity of the organs that you are capable of regenerating.


You can turn your hands into superpowered heat sinks. Upon activation of this power, your hands drop to -273ºC, all but guaranteeing a rapid eviction of heat from anything you touch. However, the amount of energy you are able to absorb is limited. At first rank, you can absorb enough heat to shift one gallon of water from 90°C to -100°C. Once you reach rank 20, you will be able to do the same to a volume of water the size of Lake Eyrie. As a consequence of this power, your body can remain fully functional and intact even in the near-complete absence of heat.

Mutants & Masterminds

Aside from the selection of powers as described above, character creation in this campaign will follow the rules prescribed in the Mutants & Masterminds Deluxe Hero Handbook, 3rd Edition.

Joshua Gonzales. Recent law grad waiting for bar exam results to come out. Born and raised in the Philippines. Now based in California.