Fantasy art of three Grung superimposed by a clipart of a Christmas tree with a golden star.

Can the Grung Fend Off Christmas?

A D&D 5e One-Shot Campaign

The Scenario

The Blessëd Star of Christmas has descended upon Grung Village. If carried across the threshold of a home, the Star bestows a year of good luck to those that dwell there. But only the purest of heart may carry it and remove it from its swampy resting place.

Parties of knights, mercenaries and special forces units (with pure-hearted toddlers in tow) have been dispatched by the neighboring human nations to search for the Blessëd Star. Some have been spotted closing in on your position.

The Mission

Keep the damned humans off your swamp.

Who Are You?

You are Grung. This is your Village. Grung be damned if you’re gonna let some unwashed humans with skid marks up their backs march a line of toddly toddlers all the way up to your spawning huts.

You might also be a Gnome, in which case you have only one shoe. You have to constantly say oooch and ouch while walking. You have disadvantage in stealth, and you automatically fail any saving throws against wetting your breeches in the face of ultimate danger. You’ll do whatever the Grung tell you to do, because that’s just how things go in Grung Village.

You start at Level 5.

Minor Details

You are not pure of heart. You are Grung.

The Battlefield

Grung Scouts will tell you when the enemies are coming, and you decide where to lay your ambush.

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