Hi, I'm Joshua Gonzales.

I'm a first-year law student at UC Davis School of Law. With my background in engineering and network computing, I aim to specialize in cybersecurity law to help companies fulfill their legal and technical obligations toward protecting user data.

Strengthening my community

I am committed to being a good neighbor. For me, that means engaging in the civic and political life of my community, and listening more than I speak. Being connected to the dreams and challenges of community is among life's most rewarding experiences, and I want to embody it in every aspect of my life.

Increasing my capacity

Good intentions are not enough. We need competent and reliable people to take on our most critical challenges. That's why I'm committed to lifelong learning and practice, and to continually honing my skills in a way that plays to my strengths.

Acting justly and ethically

Communities are built on foundations of trust. I will do my part to uphold that trust by striving to be just, ethical, and fair in every aspect of my conduct, and by developing my ability to perceive when those values are being tested.

My mission

I started teaching myself Linux server administration in 2005 with a pair of broken laptops that I fixed. I was fifteen years old at the time, and my family had just recently immigrated to the USA from the Philippines. Since then, I’ve followed along as software developers shifted from interacting with bare iron servers to operating entirely on third-party cloud computing infrastructures.

As internet-based businesses grow more interconnected and interdependent, the risks associated with security breaches and the unethical handling of data have also grown. I want to do my part to make sure that this revolutionary expansion in the use of networked data proceeds safely, ethically, and responsibly.

My experience gives me an inside perspective on how data is moved and stored, and on the challenges companies face in meeting privacy and security standards while keeping software products scalable, usable, and globally accessible.

Now, I am in law school to learn the regulatory and legal sides of the puzzle. I believe that combining my technical knowledge with legal expertise will position me well to make an impact in the world of digital privacy and cybersecurity law.

Immigration Law

Besides cybersecurity law, I also want to pursue a specialty in immigration law. Being an immigrant myself, I know how difficult it can be to navigate the immigration system on your own, and so I want to be someone that immigrant families in need can turn to for aid and counsel.